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About Vio

By harnessing the power of mobile phones and reducing dependency on cash as the starting and end point for P2P transfers Vio aims to become the leading digital platform for remittances in Africa.

This will radically reduce remittance and transfer costs that senders and receivers of money currently pay for these services.

Reaching worldwide markets

The Vio app will be available in the App store world-wide starting Q2 2018 with limited services for some countries.

First release

The first release will make sending and receiving tokens available globally.

At that time only Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Cameroon will be able to initiate Top-up, exchange Tokens and fiat currency features.

Second release

The second release will make Top-up and Exchange features available in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Mauritius and Morocco.

The United States of America and United Arab Emirates will also have Top-up available in the second release of Vio.

The Vio team

Praga Govender
Founder & CEO

Previous Experience:
Director of Product, Visa SSA

Shane van der Byl
Director of Operations

Previous Experience:
Director of Commercial Product, Visa SSA

Binesh George

Previous Experience:
Infobox, Acme Packet

Strategic Partners

Rich Bialek
CEO – Global Technology Partners (GTP)

Kyle Riley
Co-Founder Iosiro