Accelerating digital transformation in Africa

About Vio Digital

Vio Digital, is using Blockchain and Visa Direct to make it easier for people to transfer money from person to person anywhere in the world, introducing a new method of international money transfer.

Across Africa, remittance solutions are typically among the most expensive in the world, with up to 20% being charged on a single transaction. The era of disruption heralded by Blockchain Fintechs has seen nothing but positive change for consumers to enable access to payments and convenience and now use technology to save costs.

With Vio, there are no transfer and exchange fees and no foreign exchange mark-up, solving for some of the biggest markets for remittance corridors.

The Vio team

Praga Govender

Founder & CEO

Previous experience:
Director of Product, Visa SSA

Shane van der Byl

Director of Operations

Previous experience:
Director of Commercial Product, Visa SSA

Binesh George


Previous experience:
Infobox, Acme Packet

Strategic partners

Rich Bialek

CEO – Global Technology Partners (GTP)

Kyle Riley

Co-Founder Iosiro