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Vio tokens

Blockchain + Visa Direct API’s

The Vio app will be available in the App store world-wide starting Q2 2018 with limited services for some countries.

Vio tokens

Vio leverages the Ethereum blockchain, in combination with Visa Direct, to create an innovative digital P2P transfer platform. The Ethereum blockchain provides the mechanism for users to instantly send and receive funds, domestically & internationally, and Visa Direct is then used to disburse fiat currency seamlessly, securely and quickly directly into a user’s Visa Debit card.

The Vio platform is powered by the VIO utility token, for P2P transfers.
Visa Direct transactions are domestic only.

Ethereum & Blockchain

In a changing global payments environment, emerging technologies have opened up new ways for fintechs to reach previously excluded populations of the world.

The true disruptive potential of blockchain is to bring down the cost of remittances significantly and facilitate instant secure payments anywhere in the world. The blockchain use case is therefore well served in underdeveloped markets, particularly those in Africa.

Token Distribution

Total Token supply: 1 Billion (VIO)
Ethereum ERC20 token tokens
VIO Token Sale has been completed. Thank you for the support.


to platform development and incentivize ecosystem participation



to provide platform float, collateral and settlement

Unsold tokens locked. Releasable at 10% per month.


platform tokens to power transfers and provide exchange liquidity

Locked for 1 year


retained by company

Locked for 1 year

Platform Roadmap


In 2017

Instant, secure and direct.

Visa Direct Program approval (launch markets)

Visa Direct and FX API’s certification


Quarter 1 2018

Vio website launch and whitepaper release

Vio Token Sale

Digital Know Your Customer and Wallet functionality launch

Vio App v1.1 launch for Android

Exchange functionality launch


Quarter 2 2018

Exchange listings launch

PR Product launch campaign begins

Vio App v1.2. launch for Android

Top-up (via Visa/MC Cards) launch

Vio App for iOS launch


Quarter 3 2018

South Africa and Mauritius expansion

United Kingdom and Germany expansion


Quarter 4 2018

United States Expansion

Asia Expansion

Want to learn more?

To find out more about Vio tokens, Ethereum Blockchain and Visa Direct, download the document below.

VIO Token Contract Address:

NB: Do not send any funds to this address.